Sunday, April 1, 2012

Feeling Crafty!

So before I begin, let me give credit where it is needed! I got this idea from Carrie over at 20-Something Homemaker! She made these for her diaper bag and I thought it was the cutest thing, so I had to do it too! So these are clean/dirty bags that go inside of a diaper bag to keep it organized.

I think they turned out fairly good. I mad the 11 x 14, I hope they aren't too small. If they are, I'm sure I can find a different use for these ones and make bigger ones later. They were super fun to make. 

I did however think they were going to be way easier than they were. Sewing with vinyl really sucks. But I was able to finish them, and they look decent so it was definitely worth the effort. 

I love doing little projects like this. It makes me feel productive and it passes the time nicely. I need to find more cute little things I can make. If you have any ideas, let me know!