Monday, March 26, 2012

Downtown Living :-/

Over the next couple of years, I think one of the hardest decisions I am going to have to make is deciding where we are going to have our first permanent home, somewhere that I can plan on staying for at least 3-5 years.

Before we found out that I was pregnant, I had already decided to transfer schools and we found a loft downtown that is super close to my school and Jimmy's work. However, after finding out that there is now a little one in the equation, I have a lot of reservations about living here. 

Don't get me wrong, during the day, this place is vibrant and full of fun things for families to do! Like yesterday, Jimmy and I went to the City Market, which is full of life on the weekends. There were so many people there, children included, it felt like a fun, safe environment. 

We had a blast! 

But really, the only times I feel comfortable here is during daylight hours. I think I would be able to handle it if a baby wasn't in the picture, but I know I'm going to want to be in a safer environment. 

Another huge downfall to downtown living is the lack of convient shopping! Hard to believe, I know. But we have to drive pretty far to get to a Walmart for groceries and other household items. Maybe I am spoiled because we just moved from a suburban setting where I could buzz down to the grocery store to pick up a gallon of milk and it would take me all of 10 minutes to get there, shop, and drive home... But goodness, I do miss the convenience. At least I am cloth diapering, so there will be no need for urgent runs to the store to buy more diapers. Thats a plus! 

What makes it a hard decision is that the price is SO right where we are living now. For a 2 bedroom, spacious loft downtown, we pay about a 100 dollars less than we did in our old one bedroom, smaller apartment. 

There are just a lot of things to factor in. But I think when it comes down to it, safety and piece of mind will win out in the end and we will most likely end up moving, yet again, to a safer, family oriented part of town. 

Did any of you ever have to live in a place you felt uncomfortable with? How did you manage? 

Side note 
I just had to slip this in because it was so sweet! My adorable fiance decided to cook me breakfast in bed to say thank you for all the intense cleaning I have been doing lately.

I thought the skateboard was a fabulous touch. So him. I love my Jim Jam. He is going to make a wonderful, caring, and loving dad. :)


  1. I hope that you like cloth diapering. We love it, and prefer it to disposables. It definitely saves money in the long run and the hassle of running to the store. Of course there are a few other hassles, but it works for us. Deciding where to live is so hard! I hope you find something that works for you.

    1. I am really excited about cloth diapering! I hope it works out for us!