Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Patiently Awaiting Fluff

Or not so patiently. I keep checking the tracking number on USPS as if it will magically arrive in Kansas City an hour after it was just listed as being states away. Ugh, patience was never my strong suit.

I ordered 5 Kissaluvs fitteds size 0, 2 Thirsties covers, 2 Kawaii signature minky's, and 2 Kawaii pure and natural newborns. I am planning on buying about 24 prefolds and then I should be finished! Well, with my newborn stash at least.

Trying to convince my Type A fiance that getting different types of diapers is a good thing is proving to be quite the struggle. He wants to just buy 20 pairs of one diaper and be done with it. He doesn't understand that although that method may work for some, I have also heard horror stories about doing it this way. I don't want to be stuck with 20 diapers that I spent hundreds of dollars on that I hate or do not work well. So after doing hours upon hours of research, I have made a list of diapers that I want that include a whole range of different brands. After the newborn stage, I am planning on getting

(3) FuzziBunz pocket
(4) Flip
(3) Happy Heinys
(6) BumGenius
(2) Rumparooz
(3) Kawaii Baby
And probably a couple more.

Please feel free to make suggestions to the list!!

Even though I am only 16 weeks, I am already getting antsy. Researching diapers and various baby blogs help, but goodness, if I am already getting impatient, I can only imagine how much worse it is going to get!


  1. Flip is decent, but the inserts move around... they work well as a cover though. I'd recommend Best Bottoms or Grovia if you want to use them as an All-in-Two.

    My Happy Heiny velcro sucks... but I did buy used. They also STILL don't fit my guy (13lbs, 3 1/2 months).

    BumGenius - I caution against getting the velcro. It doesn't hold up well. I've been using them two months, and it already sucks. My snaps are perfect though. Love these.

    I love my Rumparooz. Gussets! I think next time I'll try their newborn diapers (Lil Joey's I think?).

    I've heard the normal Kawaii run large (their newborn do too - I would not call them newborn at all, as they took forever to fit) so they'd be good for a little later, as they take awhile to grow into.

    And I recommend WAHM fitteds, definitely. They are the most absorbant, and as your baby gets bigger, they will probably need more absorbancy.

    Also, doublers, to stretch your newborn diapers. Newborn diapers aren't very absorbant, which is fine for the early days, but as baby gets bigger (like 1 month in), they pee more. Doublers have allowed me to continue using them until they no longer fit. I like hemp from Babykicks - like Joey-Bunz Premium. I also have some Thirsties doublers and they work decently.

    1. Thank you so much for the input!

      I am definitely going to be purchasing some BumGenius with snaps. And I was thinking about trying the Lil Joey's newborns. I did notice that my Kawaii Baby newborn diapers do not get very tiny. Hopefully I will be able to make do with prefolds and the kissaluvs!

      I guess if I have to buy more it would be okay too. Nothing is as exciting as waiting for fluff mail! :)