Friday, March 23, 2012

Couldn't really ask for more

Sometimes I am truly amazed by how different my life is compared to my friends that I graduated with. I try to keep up with them via Facebook, and I smile and have conversations when I happen to run into them from time to time. But it is so crazy how little I really have to talk about with them. It's almost like I'm a 30 year old woman talking to a bunch of teenagers.

This might kinda suck for my social life, but really, I could care less. I love where I am. I love that I am basically a 20 year old housewife and a mother to be, as well as a full-time student. I wouldn't change it for the world!

But the thing that really irks me is that some people either look down on me, feel sorry for me, or think I'm just plain crazy. It's like people think since I'm young, I must not know what I really want in life. And yes, there are times where I might say, "hmm, do I really wanna be a teacher?" But honestly, ever since I found out I was pregnant, I've been nothing but happy. The first couple of minutes after seeing the positive test were scary, I was just scared, but after that passed I was filled with joy and anticipation.

Now I find myself looking at baby stuff all the time and dreaming about my little bun in the oven! I know I will have to wait a few years for my friends to mature to the level that I am at now, for them to get engaged, married, and have kids before I will really be able to relate and enjoy their company. Until then, I am just going to sit back and relish in my amazing life with my wonderful fiance and our precious little one (who needs to hurry up and get here).


  1. If you ever wanted to attain a degree in Quit-Caring, marrying and starting a family young is the way to do it!

    I, too, married at 20 and most everyone aroud me thought I was both crazy and stupid. It was VERY hard for me to handle at first, as I was super sensitive and wanted to please everyone. But I was excited about my future life (which was half the reason it was so hard to not be supported- people didn't get excited with me!).

    But then, a year and a half later, I quit my job to work in the home as a homemaker. That's when people really lost it (I didn't even have kids yet!)! I was no longer making an income, or working a "real" job. Lots of people thought I was just sitting at home eating bons bons and watching Regis and Kelly. But that couldn't be farther from the truth.

    I've learned over the last three years that it's very smart to seek council from people you respect. Then, don't really give a second thought to the naysayers. They usually mean well, but just can't see from your perspective!

    1. You are definitely right. I have a supportive family, for the most part, and that is what matters. I try not to listen to the naysayers. I think the thing that makes me upset is that the majority of them just give me this look like they feel sorry for me, like my life is ruined because I'm young, pregnant, and engaged. But that is just this day in age I guess!

      It's nice to know I'm not the only one who decided to go the path I am going. Thanks for your feedback. :)

  2. You're doing sooo well for yourself, from what I can see here! I always feel much older than my same-age friends, too. It's weird to be the one home on a saturday night with your guy just chilling when most of your friends are out at bars. Weird or not, I wouldn't change a thing, either. :)

    1. That is exactly how I feel!

      It is silly though that some people look down on me for being mature. Lol. Oh well!