Friday, May 10, 2013

Weight Watchers Weigh In

Losing weight. Sometimes, as women, I feel like we are constantly trying to lose weight. Weight has always been a huge issue with me. It seems like in high school, I was ALWAYS trying to lose weight and be the skinniest. As I've grown up and become a mom, I still want to lose weight, but I want to do it the HEALTHY way. That is why I joined weight watchers. My first weigh in at WW, about 1 week post partum, I weighed 201 lbs. 

At my weigh in today, I am at 166.6 pounds!!  

I still have a ways to go. I want to be in the 140s by my wedding which is in 4 months. I'm confident that I can lose the weight!! Weight Watchers doesn't feel like a diet. I eat what I want. I mainly focus on portion control. 

In case you don't know how weight watchers works, you get so many points depending on your weight and height. I have 31 points, plus an extra 14 because I am still breastfeeding. These are the daily points. Every food is worth so many points, all fruit is 0, baked potato is 6, my favorite dish from Noodles and Company is 23. Lol. The goal is to stay within your daily points. However, you are given a "weekly 49" which is an extra 49 points that you can use however you choose. The system seriously works. It works without you even knowing that it is working. As long as you stay within your points, YOU WILL lose weight. I am seriously loving Weight Watchers! 

Now, I need to start introducing some work outs in this weight loss plan... I would love to get rid of the flab from having Charlotte. And to tone up my thighs! But everyone knows how much I loveee working out. (NOT!) 

So that is where I am so far! More to come soon! 


Side note: Noodles and Company is worth every single one of those 23 points!! :) 


  1. You look great!! And I'm sure those noodles points are worth it- we live like 2 blocks from one and its daaaaangerous!

  2. Good luck with your journey! Stay focused. (: